Red Oval Reed Diffuser Pomegranate & Cassis Scent



The Red Oval Reed Diffuser brings a vibrant and aromatic touch to your space, featuring a lush Pomegranate & Cassis scent in a generous 500ml size. This diffuser, with its striking red oval vessel, adds a bold pop of colour and an element of contemporary design to any room. The blend of juicy pomegranate with the rich, sweet notes of cassis creates a luxurious fragrance that is both refreshing and warming. Ideal for those who enjoy a scent that is both fruity and sophisticated, this diffuser continuously releases its delightful aroma, infusing your home with a long-lasting and inviting fragrance. Perfect for enhancing the ambience in living areas, bedrooms, or bathrooms, it not only serves as an effective scent diffuser but also as a stylish decorative piece.

Dimensions: H 29cm x W 16.5cm x D 16.5cm

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Red Oval Reed Diffuser Pomegranate & Cassis Scent

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