Plum Oval Reed Diffuser Sakura Blossom Scent



Transform your space into a serene, blossoming haven with the Plum Oval Reed Diffuser, elegantly filled with 500ml of Sakura Blossom scent. This exquisite diffuser, in its unique oval shape and deep plum hue, becomes an instant focal point of decor, harmoniously blending aesthetics with functionality. As the reeds gently absorb and release the delicate fragrance of sakura blossoms, they evoke the tranquil beauty of a spring day in full bloom. Ideal for those seeking a subtle yet enduring scent, this diffuser continuously infuses your surroundings with a light, floral aroma, creating an atmosphere of calm and elegance that lingers in the memory long after the blossoms have faded.

Dimensions: H 29cm x W 16.5cm x D 16.5cm

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Plum Oval Reed Diffuser Sakura Blossom Scent

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