Gluggle Jug XL – Sea Blue Lustre



Gluggle Jugs are an amazing and popular gift! It is not only timeless, but constantly on trend. Once unpacked, fill it with water and let it make its magic in front of its new owner and other guests! They’ll all be so delighted! Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, the Gluggle jug will always bring fun and good atmosphere to the table. Birthday, christening, wedding, graduation or whatever.

Gluggle Jugs make a sound! The special shape creates the unique “gluggle” sound when pouring, making the jug the highlight of any laid table! A real glugg fish jar!

This extra large Guggle jug is finished in a Sea Blue Lustre, stands 27.5cm high and holds 1.2 litres.

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Gluggle Jug XL – Sea Blue Lustre

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