Caledonian Forest Soy Candle by Cairn Candles



This gorgeous soy candle is inspired by the Caledonian Forest  the former temperate rainforest of Scotland that once covered vast areas of the country, and today exists in 35 areas across the Highlands, including the Cairngorms National Park.

Caledonian Forest is a beautifully tranquil fragrance reminiscent of long walks through the forest. A delicate blend of pine, herbal and green leaf notes with a tempting fruity side of orange and raspberry. Perfect to bring the outdoors in.

Fragrance Notes:
Pine, Herbal, Green Leaf, Raspberry, Orange, Clove
30cl White Glass Candle     

  • Up to 50 hours burn time
  • Hand poured sustainable soy wax
  • Clean burning cotton wick
  • Blend of essential oils and premium grade perfume oils
  • Vegan / animal testing free

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Caledonian Forest Soy Candle by Cairn Candles

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