Beech Handled Dustpan and Brush Set



Get swept away with this stylishly practical Dustpan and Brush and enjoy the ease of sweeping up without having to stoop down.

Perfect for a range of household tasks,the long handle Dustpan and Brush makes everyday cleaning effortless and versatile, offering precise and trouble-free sweeping with its practically designed long beech handle.

This tall dustpan and brush is ideal for sweeping the floor without the worry of continuous bending and stretching, making light work of all those hard to reach corners. So if its once again time for a spring clean, then enjoy the pleasure of being perfectly equipped with the most stylish and elegant tools around.

Total Height: 90cm

Dustpan: 77 x 26 x 21cm

Brush: 89 x 4 x 23cm

Dustpan Material: Metal

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Beech Handled Dustpan and Brush Set

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